Organisational Performance

Heighten employee engagement and accountability, install a high-performance culture, and improve mental health.

I partner with Peak Performance Consultant, Trainer and Coach, Sylvia Fernandes of VIA Frontiers to deliver highly customised experiential programmes for organisations that want to go beyond ticking the boxes. We combine our subject matter expertise in behavioural change and communication to formulate blueprints and applications that enhance effectiveness and enable individuals and teams to achieve peak performance.

Whether in a consulting, training or coaching capacity, we use transformative models that drive business results. Our rapid success techniques and advanced communication strategies, cultivated through extensive corporate work throughout the Asia-Pacific region, accelerate learning for executives at all levels. We believe in creating self-motivated and self-sufficient teams that collaborate and communicate effectively to thrive in any situation, allowing leaders the time and energy to focus on mentoring and coaching, further elevating organisational performance.

At the core, we aim to foster robust organisational cultures that heighten employee engagement and accountability. Efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction are easily attained in such organisations. Against this empowering backdrop, workplace mental health issues become a thing of the past. Most of all, achieving results becomes effortless, leading to holistic and sustainable success. 

Change Management for Successful and Sustainable Transformation

Change can be daunting, especially when organisations focus on the wrong thing. Put people, not process, at the centre of your change journey. From conception to resolution, ensure everyone is on the same page and engage your team towards a common goal. Most of all, build a robust and sustainable change culture, not one that only comes to the fore during a major transformation exercise.

You will learn how to​:

Dissociate from apprehension and move to an objective and empowered position
Achieve buy-in through values alignment and effective communication
Implement change successfully and cultivate a lasting change mindset

A Self-Leadership Road Map for Creating an Engaged and Mentally Healthy Workforce

Yoga classes or gym memberships are not the answer to workplace mental health issues. A more sustainable approach would be to empower employees with self-management tools, enabling them to thrive in stressful situations and perform at their peak.

You will learn how to​:

Elevate employees' mental states for driven and purposeful execution of roles
Cultivate healthier professional relationships to engender psychological safety
Improve communication and engagement in ways that actually resonate with your people

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as a Catalyst for Growth

DEI goes beyond ticking boxes or meeting quotas. It's about effecting a systemic shift in corporate culture. Create, with intention, a diverse workforce that capitalises on individual strengths and internalises an ongoing commitment to the process. Enable your employees to truly embrace DEI as a catalyst for professional growth and positive business results.

You will learn how to​:

Identify multi-faceted differences and potential sources of conflict
Bridge gaps with inclusive communication and effective behavioural change strategies
Harness DEI to build robust and cohesive teams that drive business results

Transformative Mentoring and Coaching

As organisations evolve, individuals need techniques, beyond knowledge and skills, to achieve professional growth. Wherever you are in the hierarchy, become an inspirational leader and create self-sufficient teams with methods that propel your people towards purposeful change.

You will learn how to​:

Create and sustain a culture of self-managed teams
Accelerate peak performance with a motivated workforce that takes ownership
Install a common language for accountability and a sustainable mentoring and coaching culture

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