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Through end-to-end services, discover how authenticity and empathy can be transformative and help you meet your communication goals.
Using a highly personalised approach, I deliver full-suite consultancy and execution services, group training, one-on-one coaching and train-the-trainer programmes in the following areas:

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

It's no secret that the thought of speaking to an audience can paralyse the best of us. However, by digging deep to address the sources of your anxiety and learning powerful communication techniques, you can substantively increase your confidence and influence for lasting professional growth.

Modules include:

Personal mastery to eliminate the fear of public speaking
Storytelling and persuasive communication using rhetorical and literary devices
Non-verbal communication mastery
Clear, confident and credible delivery
Behavioural flexibility to shine in any setting

Media Training

Most people shudder at the thought of doing media interviews. However, with thoughtful preparation, you can leverage the media as a launch pad for brand visibility and thought leadership. Media coaching goes beyond identifying and shaping key messages. It's about telling compelling stories and deftly incorporating them into your broader narrative. You'll also learn how to effectively connect with audiences on various platforms to convey your value proposition and achieve your goals. 

Modules include:

Audience mapping
Communication framework and strategy development (includes training communications teams to get the right kind of media attention)
Message development for a variety of platforms and formats
Persona curation and clear, confident, credible and engaging delivery
Advanced interview management, including dealing with tough questions

Executive Leadership Communication

Eliminate formulaic corporate speak and uncover your authentic executive voice to convey messages authoritatively, empathetically and effectively to all your stakeholders. You'll learn how to shape and deliver your strategic messages to truly connect with your audience and move them to action.

Modules include:

Persona curation for an executive presence that commands attention and deepens connection
Message development for a variety of platforms and formats
Persuasive communication through deft use of rhetorical and literary devices
Clear, credible, authentic and empathetic delivery
Behavioural flexibility in applying techniques to various audiences and scenarios

Thought Leadership Strategy and Execution

To become a Key Opinion Leader in your field, you need to be clear about the valuable perspectives you and your organisation can bring to the table. Through a discovery workshop, you'll identify content that would resonate with your target audiences. You'll then learn how to command specific thought spaces and apply topical leads to your persona across touchpoints in order to rally a faithful following, elevate your brand reputation and drive your business goals.

Modules include:

Target audience definition and segmentation
Content research and recommendations
Brand persona development (individual and corporate)
Leadership seeding and appearance management
Message development and delivery on various platforms and in various forms (e.g. online articles, podcasts, video, social media posts, etc.)

Brand and Data Storytelling

Whether you're trying to communicate data meaningfully or tell your brand's story to make a lasting impression on potential customers, investors or employees, a suite of powerful communication techniques can propel your audience to action. Turn information into compelling stories to achieve your goals.

Modules include:

Stakeholder mapping
Story discovery and crafting
Understanding and mastery of narrative arcs, and literary and rhetorical devices
Content and style variations depending on context, message delivery platform and format
Brand story internalisation and embodiment across the organisation

Content Creation and Marketing

Learn how to sell without selling. Shape your content according to your target audiences' needs and interests to build enduring relationships that drive business results. You'll also be equipped with a full inventory of content production skills, including choosing the right formats, crafting memorable headlines, spearing story leads, and building narrative payoff without being pushy.

Modules include:

Target audience definition and segmentation
Content strategy and modelling
Story bank and content cluster development
Content development and delivery on various platforms and in various forms (e.g. online articles, podcasts, video, social media posts, etc.)
Social media strategy and planning

Change Management Communication

Turning a blind eye to how stakeholders might respond to organisational change is a grave mistake. Instead, learn how to anticipate and allay concerns not just during, but even before and after implementation. Effective two-way communication will help you achieve congruence and secure consensus for a smooth rollout, leading to successful and sustainable transformation.

Modules include:

Stakeholder sentiment identification and segmentation
Discovery and creation of a compelling change story underpinned by empathy and authenticity
Communication framework development for successful engagement with an emphasis on listening and two-way communication
Creation and curation of targeted communication material for various message delivery platforms and formats
Communication coaching for key leaders

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication goes beyond anticipating and navigating a crisis while mitigating reputational damage. The greater goal is to pave the way for brand recovery and reinforcement. How can a brand strengthen its value proposition and rally support during a PR disaster? Most importantly, you'll learn how to do this in your most authentic voice.

Modules include:

Vulnerability Audit and Business Continuity Plan development
Crisis communication framework development and execution
Message development and dissemination
Spokesperson training underpinned by authenticity and empathy
Reputation management, recovery and reinforcement

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