Communication is a field bedevilled by misguided perceptions. Many think it’s about glossy corporate images and the perfect 'spin'. On the contrary, the most effective communication stems from authenticity. To truly connect with your audiences, you'll need to dig deep and communicate empathetically in order to achieve mutual goals.

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While 'authenticity' seems to have become a buzzword in recent years, few people truly understand what it means in the context of executive communication, be it during a media interview or a dialogue with stakeholders. Many reach for superficial definitions such as 'being yourself', but what does 'being yourself' really mean? To showcase their authenticity, […]

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Communicating complexity is challenging, especially when presenting information to people who know nothing about your area of expertise. On top of this, audiences today are unrelentingly assaulted by data. As a result, they tend to have much shorter attention spans and much lower thresholds for complex ideas. Demand for data scientists is indeed growing faster […]

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